International Women’s Day – Male Allies support women



Today is International Women’s Day and we women in the ICUnet.Group want to use this opportunity to celebrate the day with our male allies. There is a strong sense of gender equality throughout our company and our male allies are right there with us making this even stronger when – and however they can. We thank them for that and never get tired in our common pursuit to gain full gender equality.

Our male allies have this to say:

  • Gender diversity is a men’s issue! It’s not about „us“ and „them“. We all win! Many men are pleased to leave behind the antiquated image of being breadwinners and to benefit from structures that allow them too to combine work and family, while women pursue their careers. I see a win-win situation for us all. (Mathias Taubert, Business Consulting and Training)
  • As a leader, I stand up for equal pay in my team and beyond and encourage women’s leadership. (Clemens Döllerer, Global Mobility Services)
  • Men and women deserve the same respect. Fight injustice. Fight sexism. Live equality. (Michael Allmis, Marketing)
  • To ensure gender equality I start by reflecting on how women are disadvantaged in the workplace and society and exploring how extensive my privilege is, from positions of power, amount of speaking time in meetings, or the lack of pressures and barriers for men in comparison to women. From here, I can identify, react, and be an agent of change to recognize and correct behavior within myself and others to strive for a more equitable organization and society. (Todd Wehrkamp, Digital Learning)
  • My daughter Anna has grown up constantly hearing me say…“You do you! Stand tall, stand proud and give back to those around you!” Whatever her goals are, I do whatever I can to support her. My personal conviction as a male ally also drives my support of women in the workplace. (Todd Shinholster, Business Consulting)

Male Allyship supports women. As a male ally, choose to use your power, privilege, and influence to support the advancement of gender equality. Here’s how you can get started:

(1) Learn to live with discomfort. Being an ally is about making change, not being comfortable.

(2) Advocate for women’s leadership and equality in the workplace and for pay equality.

Feel free to write in the comments on our LinkedIn channel. We at ICUnet would be happy to support this journey with you!