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Testimonials from Happy Customers

Jürgen Zwerger, Allianz Global Investors.
Allianz's decision to switch from the world's largest relocation provider to ICUnet.Group has more than paid off. The user experience has fundamentally changed for the better, both from the perspective of the HR department and especially from the perspective of Allianz employees worldwide. With ICUnet.Group, Allianz was able to reinvent its global mobility activities within a very short time. We were impressed by the personal touch of the ICUnet team, the fully customized processes, and the partnership experience in our daily work. In cooperation with EY and KPMG, the ICUnet.Group's Intelligent New Destination (IND) tool was adapted to the specific needs of Allianz. The jointly developed and award-winning IND is today one of the most efficient global mobility tools with the best assignment experience worldwide.
Jürgen Zwerger
Allianz Global Investors
Marina Nolz, Kundin der ICUnet Austria.
We really enjoy the fact that we get everything from a single source and very reliably - from visas, work permits, support for the family coming with the employee, help with finding accommodation, really everything that is needed when our future employees come to Austria. We get really good feedback from our employees for everything that ICUnet handles for us.
Marina Nolz
I appreciate the high reliability and strength in execution as well as the high level of professional training competence at ICUnet.Group. The trainers at ICUnet.Group show a high level of emotional empathy with the participants. The technical moderation skills in the context of the various Covid-related remote trainings in the last 2 years are particularly noteworthy.
Marc-Aurel Kaiser
Aquila Capital Holding GmbH
I would like to thank you very much for the great workshop, which received a lot of positive feedback internally at Otto. The good and catchy methodology was particularly praised, always underpinned with examples and many anecdotes, which led to eager discussion and reflection. This laid a very good foundation for a much better understanding between our cultures and thus value systems, and I would be delighted if we could approach the ICUnet.Group again if we have a need!
Isabell Maibaum
Otto Group Solution Provider (OSP) GmbH
What I really appreciate about ICUnet.Group is the strong team dynamic we've developed. They understand my main focus areas and needs without requiring granular details from me. I value their ability to think on behalf of the customer, proactively anticipating my needs and presenting effective solutions and processes.
Irina Kormiletskaya
Maja Räger, bonprix.
The Unconscious Bias Workshop with Julia Bindrich far exceeded my expectations. I have rarely had such an exciting, effective and nice seminar, and the time invested has definitely paid off.
Maja Räger
Diversity and inclusion is primarily a leadership task. And the experts at ICUnet convinced our leadership team of exactly that with a very business-oriented approach! (...) With a tailor-made training program, ICUnet, as an excellent partner at eye level, convinced our managers that it is their responsibility to create an environment that is characterized by trust, respect, commitment, cooperation, and cohesion. This is a priceless asset for our company. I can highly recommend ICUnet. They are characterized by expertise, solution-orientation, creativity, and flexibility. And: it's fun to work with ICUnet! Thank you very much!
Rolf Stangl
Our one-day negotiation training with ICUnet was a complete success. The trainers provided very useful information and enriched it with practical examples. We will be offering further training courses in the future to give more colleagues the opportunity to expand their intercultural awareness.
Frank Jessel
BayWa r.e. AG
With the E-Learning on the topic of unconscious bias, we have achieved our goal: to sensitize Zeppelin employees to D&I topics. It creates direct added value for positive and productive cooperation and creates awareness for diversity and an inclusive working environment as well as for the reflection of one's own actions. We fully recommend the cooperation with ICUnet. We highly appreciate their effectiveness, professionalism and D&I expertise and look forward to future joint projects!
Stefanie Schäfer
Zeppelin GmbH
Stefan Weinhofer, Allianz SE.
The IND (Intelligent New Destination) and KMPG LINK M ecosystem has revolutionized Allianz's global mobility approach by simplifying and accelerating our processes. The features fully contribute to our "Simplicity Wins" strategy. I can recommend it to any larger global mobility department!
Stefan Weinhofer
Allianz SE
No Image Man.
The resulting e-learning offers enormous added value for our employees. It teaches practical strategies and provides valuable resources to break down barriers and create an inclusive work culture. Conducting the course at EOS has helped our employees develop a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion and to implement these values in their daily work. We appreciate your expertise, commitment and professionalism. I can highly recommend ICUnet and look forward to future projects with you!
Lukas von Lindern
EOS Group
The cooperation with ICUnet on the topic of "Unconscious Bias" was a real co-creation. With their comprehensive expertise and the company-specific requirements of OTTO and bonprix, an interactive digital learning path and a practical full-day training for our colleagues were created. The result is an enlightening and low-threshold offer that encourages self-reflection and makes you curious - exactly what we were looking for! Cooperation at eye level that combined intensity and fun. Thank you!
Kirstin Hahne & Svenja Nichiteanu
bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbH / Otto GmbH & Co KG

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