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About icunet

Icunet of America Inc. provides a one-stop solution that enables its clients to leverage the benefits of international collaborations at the individual and company level to their advantage. Through our innovative and unique approach in three service central areas - intercultural qualification, global mobility, and intercultural strategy consulting - we are equipped to help, guide and support our clients through processes pertaining to internationalization while lifting barriers to success across intercultural borders.

Via the implementation of our intercultural services, including trainings, coachings, assessment tools and other services focusing on optimizing international business collaborations, our clients' efficiency can be increased and greater profits can be generated.

Through the use of our global mobility services, which encompasses immigration and destination services, our clients' international assignments are optimized and the burdens associated particularly with the transitional phase are mitigated. The assignees no longer need to be concerned with the organization of their visa, home search, or orientation and can concentrate entirely on their jobs, thus increasing work efficiency and directly benefiting their employers.

Cultural understanding plays a crucial role not only in the case of international assignments, but also in cases of company level intercultural encounters such as mergers & acquisitions. We support our clients through the development and implementation of innovative strategies based on an intercultural approach for professionally dealing with such encounters and ensuring that they are as profitable as possible.

What do we offer?

As Europe's market leader in intercultural services, Icunet delivers trainings in more than 25 different languages pertaining to over 75 different country cultures and retains an unparalleled network of international business partners and relocation consultants, assisting its clients and their assignees in multiple areas concerning their international endeavors - at any time and at any place. With offices in 6 countries spanning across 4 continents, Icunet ensures maximum customer proximity, which allows the company to seamlessly and continuously develop tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions to help propel its clients to new international heights of success. Icunet makes success a global phenomenon for each of its clients.

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