Trainee excursion to Garhammer fashion house


It’s not just professional excellence that counts for us, but also the cohesion and networking of our apprentices. In line with our Orange Spirit, we therefore organise exciting excursions and special meetings for them twice a year:
In September, those apprentices, who have been with us for a long time, get to decide what they would like to do with their new apprentice colleagues when they start their apprenticeship with us in late summer. This is a great way for them to get to know each other. A variety of activities such as a visit to the climbing wall or the zoo or a classic day’s hiking are on the agenda.
Our CEO, Dr Fritz Audebert, regularly takes time for our apprentices, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and gain an exciting insight into the company away from the day-to-day office routine. He also recently took part in a particularly great excursion to Garhammer in Waldkirchen!

Auszubildenden-Ausflug zum Garhammer in Waldkirchen




Not only did our apprentices get to know the most famous fashion house in the region, but they also gained an exclusive insight into the day-to-day work of various departments in a company that has been known for many years as a training company. Many thanks to Mrs Gutsmiedl who made this possible and organised everything perfectly. The tour was very interesting and the meeting was enriching for both sides:

“Above all, I liked the fact that the ICUnet.Group trainee group thought outside the box, and I must say that I was impressed by this, as our services are different after all. I was also impressed by the interest with which the group listened to our Michael Reis (gastronomic manager and chef of the in-house award-winning restaurant Johanns). It was all about enjoying what you do and that was great.”Christiane Gutsmiedl (Personnel Development at Garhammer GmbH)


How did our trainees like it? We asked them too, of course:


  • Verena Reinhart (apprentice as businesswoman for office management):
    “I thought the trainee excursion was awesome, so the surprise was a success! The look behind the scenes was very interesting, especially our own studio with the alteration tailoring and the conversation with the restaurant chef. (…) The dinner was also very tasty.”
  • Christian Barycki (apprentice as IT specialist for system integration):
    “I personally enjoyed the excursion very much and it was also very interesting and informative. (…) In general, I’m experiencing “trainee excursions” for the first time, so every excursion is a highlight for me – I’d like to do it more often. That’s why I thank you for organising it!”
  • Lena Spannbauer (trainee as businesswoman for office management):
    “I really enjoyed the trainee excursion. (…) The insight behind the scenes was exciting and I thought it was great that we were involved by asking questions. The meal afterwards was delicious and I liked that Fritz took time for us.”


Finally, they visted our colleagues in our beautiful office in Hauzenberg in the Bavarian Forest. Would you like to do an apprenticeship with us?