abroad = Shaping future boards?



Leading globally successful companies and organisations requires international experience. It is a plus point for applicants in many job advertisements. But does it really make the path to top management and C-level positions easier?

In a Global Moblity Research Report, 701 C-levels of the 20 largest companies in the USA, China, France and DACH region were surveyed. The report shows:

  • Foreign experience obviously plays a major role for C-levels. No significant differences were found between the genders.
  • C-level expats show a high degree of diversity in their stays abroad. Apart from China, Europe, North America and Australia were among the top 10 destinations.
  • The DACH region dominates with high expatriation rates.
  • More than 60% of the stays abroad range between 1-7 years. 27% of all C-levels have been abroad for more than a decade.

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