for the new year –
Boost Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Why not kick-off the new year 2022 with a reminder on why promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion should be on all our lists of new year resolutions:

Seeing and using diversity as an opportunity fosters creativity and thus innovation, empowers and helps to make the right decisions. A diverse workforce can also facilitate access to new markets and counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

To unleash the potential of diversity, an inclusive and fair corporate culture is necessary!

One step that ICUnet takes to promote an inclusive and fair corporate culture, is the ‘Inclusion@ICUnet Ambassadors Initiative’. Our Ambassadors come up with funny and easy to adapt ideas to increase inclusion in everyday work. At the end of December, we also launched out very first ‘Inclusion@ICUnet Newsletter’, which regularly informs all employees about the results of the Ambassadors work and exciting news around the topic of D&I.

Do you already have plans to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your private or working life in 2022? We are eager to hear about your ideas on our LinkedIn channel!