Possible delays in issue of US Visa

According to recent reports, visa service of the US consulate is only available to a limited degree due to a current default of the US Department of State Consular Consilidate database.
Though consulates issue non-immigrant visas, applications for green cards have major priority. As a result of software upgrades at the state department, these problems have been prevailing starting 20 July. In the period of 20 – 28 July, US consulates did merely process half of the usual number of applications for non-immigrant visa.

Stated by the State Department, a delay of approximately two weeks currently has to be expected during applications for non-immigrant visas. As a consequence, delays may also occur at further services, for instance during allocating appointments for interviews.

Please take note of these possible delays when planning an assignment at short notice and set starting dates.

For more information please go to http://travel.state.gov.

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