Our project „Inclusion@icunet”
to create an inclusive culture

You´re busy pushing different projects, ideas, or processes forward? Sometimes even feel overwhelmed? A well-made documentation combined with a regular review will surely help to get you back on track and give you new ideas and inspirations.

 We´ve been running our project Inclusion@icunet” since several months. Various activities at different levels of our organization already took place and the inclusive culture building process is ongoing. Lately we did a review of our project and documented our goals, objectives and actions of each project phase, costs, achievements, and feedback.

It´s motivating because through the documentation we see how far we´ve moved forward to our sustainable inclusive goal.It´s just in time because we are able to get an overview and adjust next steps timely.

It makes the project communication transparent and offers the possibility for everyone in the organization to be kept informed. It can also be used as best practice or lessons learnt for other projects and promoted the knowledge management both internally and externally. To create an inclusive culture of ICUnet, we´ll keep moving, keep reviewing and reflecting.