Our Diversity

Month 2022

has started!

We officially kicked off our thrilling program for the 2022 Diversity Month!

This year we keep focusing on inclusion and trying to foster a more positive company culture, in which everyone of us feels valued and motivated. Inclusion is about all of us, therefore in our opening event we offered a forum for colleagues with diverse perspectives to share their ideas and experiences. Clemens DöllererHeenss Gerardo Cruz Martínez , Jens Meyer, Julia BindrichLukas Techel, Nicole Höhn and Suryaa Pawar joined us from Germany, Mexico and India. They inspired us with stories from their personal life, work experiences with D&I, encouragements of embracing new perspectives and being aware of one own’s bias – and last but not least – fun proposals to make D&I more functional and fun.

Here some questions and impulses that emerged from their contributions:

  • We are building a highly diverse society, we owe it to our children to make it also truly inclusive
  • Why not try to see things from a different angle? We are our own special creation, and in this world, there´s not a place we have to hide in.” 
  • Did you ever implement the 5-minutes-nudge?
  • Would you join a virtual festival dedicated to international food?

We are looking forward to inspiring our team further with the activities in the program and keep sharing their outcomes with you, fellow D&I enthusiasts.

Let Diversity Month begin!! Share YOUR D&I experiences and tips with us on our LinkedIn channel!