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Talent selection

You send your talents around the world to fulfill challenging missions. But which talent is actually suitable for which mission? Is the mission objective clearly defined and communicated? And do the intercultural preferences and skills of the talent fit the planned mission at all?

The IND is the only global platform that provides you with the answers to these questions. The platform provides you with key questions, guides, and scientific potential analysis tools to help you determine cross-cultural fit for the mission and the target country. You determine the ROI of each assignment and can measure success over the course of the mission.

Talent selection and measuring employee effectiveness are at the forefront of assignments and assessments. Therefore, they are an essential part of the IND’s learning and development functions.

Effectiveness measurement & ROI analyses

The IND provides you with both talent effectiveness data and ROI analysis to determine mission objectives and tactics. Before selecting a talent for a specific role, the organization should be aware of the requirements. You as HR are given all the tools to gather and filter these requirements.

Test of Intercultural Sensitivity (TIS®)

The TIS® captures personality traits in eight dimensions that have been shown to influence the success of an overseas assignment for a talent and his or her partner: Ambiguity Tolerance, Empathy, Flexibility, Frustration Tolerance, Openness, Self-Reflection, Specific Self-Efficacy, and Appreciative Attitude.

Intercultural Preference Tool (IPT®)

The IPT® contrasts personal preferences with those of other cultures and makes it possible to identify potential areas of conflict in intercultural cooperation in order to raise awareness of them as part of a partner support program.

Inventory for Global Potential (IGP)

The IGP is used for self-assessment of personality in the agile, digital and global working world. It computer-assisted captures 13 traits that are assigned to five factors that are considered essential for successfully coping with today’s challenges in the VUCA working world.

Inventory for Intercultural Development (I4ID®)

The I4ID® captures 19 competencies from the international context, which are assigned to six competence areas: Communication, Learning, Social Interaction, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, and Synergy Creation. The I4ID® maps development progress over time and is accordingly suitable for personnel development in a coaching/training context.

Learning & Development

The learnhub digital learning platform offers effective e-learning that can be carried out regardless of location and time and makes your assignees fit for new challenges. In addition to culture-specific content, such as negotiating in China or communicating in the USA, personality development topics are offered, such as appreciative communication or remote leadership. The courses can either be completed directly via our learning platform or made available on your company’s own learning management system.


Interactive courses such as:

Cultural agility

Better understand people’s behavior and the cultural motivations behind it. Through this understanding, you will be better able to respond in ambiguous situations.

Create a culture of feedback

With API interfaces to your ERP system, the IND is able to capture payment and reimbursement requests automatically. You and your finance department save time and effort.

Empathetic and effective communication

Learn the basics of powerful and persuasive communication and be prepared when conflicts and misunderstandings inevitably arise.

Build meaningful relationships

Understand the importance of building authentic and personal business relationships and how to make those contacts no matter where you are.

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