„Inclusive Leadership”
Internal workshops at ICUnet.Group

Our perspective on „Inclusive Leadership”: „It’s an attitude” – One goal of our internal diversity management initiative „Inclusion@ICUnet” is therefore to empower all team leaders to reflect on their leadership style.

„Inclusive Leadership” assures that all team members feel they are treated with respect and equity, are valued and appreciated for their uniqueness, sense they belong and feel their voice is being heard. Increasing successful collaboration, a speak-up culture and people’s motivation to go the extra mile, are only three benefits of inclusive leadership that help organizations adapt to diverse customers, markets, ideas and talent.

Over the course of two workshop sessions, our team leaders reflected their leadership behavior and identified approaches for reducing their own unconscious biases in line with the „Six signature traits of inclusive leadership” (Deloitte). Specifically, they worked in peers on developing strategies for inclusive teams (e.g., establishing a psychologically safe environment), inclusive project assignments or task allocation, and inclusive meetings (e.g., implementing set speaking times for all team members).