„Inclusive Design” concept launched

Did you know that with every decision on the design of websites, software or products in general, there is a chance to include or exclude people?

The methodology of inclusive design therefore incorporates the perspectives of diversity and inclusion to ensure (digital) accessibility for everyone. This means, to include and learn from people with impaired vision, impaired hearing, and dyslexia, among other disabilities.

At ICUnet we currently work on an inclusive design for all our solutions. We have started to update our software and programs to ensure a compatibility with screen readers. Apart from that, we strive to incorporate inclusive design in everyday working routines by using these tips and tricks:


  • use high contrasting colours and don’t rely on colours alone
  • offer the possibility to zoom
  • check the keyboard navigation
  • use easy language or comprehensible wordings
  • incorporate subtitles and screen readers
  • use clear affordances like icons
  • provide text for non-text content like pictures

Come and join us on our inclusive design journey! Do you have further ideas to implement inclusive design? Get in touch with us at the LinkedIn post of the same name.