ICUnet at the Diversity Conference
of Charta der Vielfalt

On 11th and 12th November we had the chance to participate in this year’s Diversity Conference of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V.. Thank you for two exciting days of learning, listening, discussing, and laughing with each other!

We were particularly inspired by the masterclass: ‘Language as Ally: Daring more diversity in internal communication’. Dr. Katharina Schiederig and Dr. Endora Comer-Arldt showed very impressively how they have adapted their internal communication at Merck KGaA to be more inclusive in order to really address and include all employees. This is the only way to create a diverse and inclusive corporate environment. Thank you very much for all the exciting impressions and practical ideas!

Here at ICUnet, we are currently working on a strategy for more inclusive communication as well. For us, it is important that all employees are involved right from the start, that they have a voice and can participate in decision-making. For example, our inclusion Ambassadors have decided to let a company-wide survey decide whether gender star (*), gender gap (_) or gender colon (:) will be used in the future to show gender-diversity!

Do you also consciously use your language as an ally to achieve more diversity and specifically promote inclusion? You can tell us in comments on our LinkedIn post.