How a simple calendar can promote inclusion at the workplace!



Have you ever experienced situations like these?

…you planned a meeting with clients or colleagues from other countries but got the reply „we have national holiday”.

…you’d like to strengthen the tie with your counterpart but got little time to check when to send the greetings to them.

If your answer to one of these questions is ,yes’, you and your colleagues would probably benefit from an ,inclusive calender’!

At ICUnet, we contact customers and colleagues from different countries every day and our inclusion nudge – the inclusive calender – makes our work life so much easier and more inclusive. Our inclusion Ambassadors have conducted a small survey with our colleagues from the global markets and collected the most important five to ten holidays of the respective countries. With just two clicks, all employees could download the holiday dates and automatically integrate them into their Outlook calender. Since then, situations like the above are history!

Try it out yourself! You could also integrate dates like the annual Diversity Day or International Women’s Day into your ,Inclusive Calender’. Share your ideas with us on our LinkedIn channel!