Happy Women's Day 2023!

Happy International Women’s Day 2023! 

Today isn’t about flowers, chocolates and compliments – it’s about equity. This refers not only to basic human rights like education, but also to opportunities in the business world. To this day, women are underrepresented in leadership positions all over the world. Even though systemic change is hard to accomplish, each and every one of us can contribute to the empowerment of women in business – because Inclusion starts with “I”! 

The traditional working models were created to fit men’s needs. Of course, for some women these conditions work fine. However, many women face different life circumstances than men due to traditional gender roles: unpaid care work like household tasks and parenting are traditionally more often assigned to women than to men. Supporting women in business is also part of inclusion at ICUnet. To facilitate female leadership and to unlock great leadership potential, we have different working models like part-time management and shared leadership. This helps women combine both their private and family lives and their career goals. And it’s fruitful: 57,70% of the Leadership-Circle in our Orange Team is female!

One simple trick contributed to female leadership at ICUnet: the re-phrasing of important questions. Instead of asking “Do you want this job?”, ask: “What do you need to make this happen?” Through simple actions like this, especially leaders can become an ally for women in business. 

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