Diversity – a rare

serendipity and successful business!

That they met each other, is a rare case of serendipity for  and Ezanne Gouws-du Toit, both successful South African entrepeneurs. Ezanne and Lesego were chosen to take part in a Manager Training Programme (MTP) sponsored by the .

The programme, jointly managed and carried out by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and ICUnet.Group in Germany, aims to promote business relations between South African and Germany companies – and it is here that their companies BEE LOVED HONEY and  first crossed paths.

Ezanne and Lesego embraced their differences, both personal and professional, to turn these into a business success story. They created a new product, a new wine called Khãi, which is a word from the Khoisan family of languages and means to rise/wake/go up. Khãi is a conversation starter. Khãi tells a story of how two successful women rose up and turned their diversity of thoughts and ideas into a successful business case.

Their creative wine bottle label (see picture attached), largely inspired by the work of artist, Gustav Klimt, contains elements of both their lives and businesses. Linger a while to see how rich this label is, how much more there is than first meets the eye. Here the power of diversity comes to life. The more you look, the more you see.

ICUnet.Group is proud to have been part of this remarkable journey, where parts of two worlds became something new – a wine called Khãi .

Click on the link below to hear these two inspirational ladies tell their story. https://lnkd.in/exfuPD9F

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